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XTM News | Scam Alert!



Today we would like to notify you that as of today, we will be exposing persons involved in GSM scamming activities.

We currently have our official Facebook group which we consider as a home to all technicians. Within this group and many other groups within the GSM Market, we have witnessed many persons attempting to scam other technicians when they seek help.

As a result of that, we have decided to take a step forward in safe guarding our fellow technicians from these malicious persons. However, we will need your help by you providing some information.

If after our investigation has confirmed the individual being involved with such activity, will then go ahead and add them to our scammer blacklist for the public to see and to be aware of.

To have this done, we require you to email us at with the following information below :

  • Social Media Platform Name (Scammer):
  • Full name as it appears on the social media profile/page (Scammer):
  • Direct URL Link to the Page/Profile (Scammer):
  • All possible contact details of this individual (Scammer)
  • A small description of why you think you got scammed, including the amount you lost:
  • Please also attach screenshots as proof that you got scammed:
  • Your name for private reference (Victim):

After sharing this information, please wait up to 7 - 28 days of investigation before a decision is made to add them to this list.

Thank you!

Gsm_X_Team | Feel The Real Power!

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  1. somebody updated hare spammers


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